Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the elected leadership of the NYC-DSA city chapter. The co-chairs, treasurer, and secretary are elected at the annual city convention. The branch representatives are elected by their respective branches. To contact the NYC-DSA Steering Committee, email info [a]

Rahel Biru, Co-chair

Rahel has been active in DSA for three years, and a cochair of NYC-DSA since 2015. Before joining DSA, she was active mostly in electoral politics, but the mobilizations around Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter inspired her to become involved in social movements. For Rahel, DSA provides a broad structure for working on both electoral and movement campaigns, while putting socialism forward as a guiding vision for our work.

Margarita Hernandez, Co-chair

Margarita works for the Communication Workers of America and is a member of the Labor Branch.

Neal Meyer, Treasurer

Neal is a member of the Brooklyn Branch of DSA and works for Jacobin magazine. He first got involved in the socialist movement through union organizing, and previously worked for DSA as the national youth organizer.

Zelig Stern, Secretary

Zelig lives in Brooklyn. He works as a labor organizer helping to build new unions and strengthening the power of already organized workers. He has been involved in community and labor organizing for the past 13 years and the socialist movement for the past 10. He joined DSA to help organize the Local's Labor Branch, and is also on that Branch's Organizing Committee.

Sarah Mills, Bronx/Uptown Branch Representative

Sarah is on the Organizing Committee for the Uptown/Bronx Branch. She is also a member of the National Lawyer's Guild and works in legal education.

Dan DiMaggio, Brooklyn Branch Representative

Dan lives in Brooklyn and works as the Assistant Editor at Labor Notes, helping to "put the movement back in the labor movement." He got his introduction to organizing through the campus living wage and anti-war movements, and is a former member of the National Committee of Socialist Alternative. He is on the Organizing Committee of the Brooklyn Branch and is also a member of the Labor Branch.

Nina Connelly, CUNY Branch Representative

Nina lives in Brooklyn and serves on the Organizing Committee of the CUNY branch. She teaches at Baruch College and works as a freelance researcher.

Chris Maisano, Labor Branch Representative

Chris Maisano is a contributing editor at Jacobin and a union staffer, and a member of the Labor Branch.

Anthony Volpe, Queens Branch Representative

Anthony lives in Queens. He first began organizing during the anti-war movement in the early 2000s, and has been a socialist since. He later got involved in anti-sweatshop and anti-displacement organizing, and he has co-facilitated a Jacobin reading group in Queens for the last two years. He joined DSA in 2009 and then rejoined in 2016 and is currently on the Organizing Committee of the Queens Branch.