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  • Steering Committee and general questions: info [a]

  • Press inquiries: press [a]

  • Calendar/Facebook events: calendar [a]

  • Media (posters, illustrations, video, photography) needs: media [a]

  • Website issues: website [a]

NYC-DSA is committed to providing a safe and inclusive space in the Chapter. We have a grievance policy to handle formal complaints, the full text of which is available here. To contact the Grievance Committee, email: grievance [a]


  • Bronx/Uptown: bronx.uptown [a]

  • Central Brooklyn: central.brooklyn [a]

  • CUNY: cuny [a]

  • Labor: labor [a]

  • Lower Manhattan: lower.manhattan [a]

  • North Brooklyn: north.brooklyn [a]

  • South Brooklyn: south.brooklyn [a]

  • Queens: queens [a]

Working Groups

  • Anti-War: antiwar [a]

  • Climate Justice: climate [a]

  • Electoral, Bronx/Uptown: Annie Shields and Matthew Beatty, b-um.electoral [a]

  • Electoral, Brooklyn: Samuel Lewis, bk.electoral [a]

  • Electoral, Queens: Kara Nowakowski, queens.electoral [a]

  • Housing, Bronx/Uptown: Avi Garelick, b-um.housing [a]

  • Housing, Brooklyn: Chris Stevenson and Courtney, bk.housing [a]

  • Immigrant Justice: Sherry Baron, immigrant.justice [a]

  • Labor and Strike Solidarity: Frank Reynolds, strike.solidarity [a]

  • Media: media [a]

  • Racial Justice: Bianca Cunningham, racial.justice [a]

  • Religious Socialism: Maxine Phillips, religious.socialism [a]

  • Socialist Feminist: Rosie Clarke, socialist.feminism [a]

  • Tech Action: Will Luckman, tech.action [a]