NYC-DSA Voluntary Monthly Chapter Dues

The NYC-DSA Chapter is an entirely member-funded organization, and have relied on contributions from members like you to support all of our work and campaigns.  Thus far, we have raised money through fundraising events, but as our Chapter grows, and our members engage in ever larger and more ambitious campaigns, we can no longer sustain ourselves on events alone.  

Recognizing the needs of our chapter, delegates to our most recent annual convention voted overwhelmingly to initiate a monthly “dues” program.  Our expenses include recurring maintenance costs like our website and Action Network, as well as yearly events such as our Citywide convention, and specific items to help carry out our political work.  For example, this year we have spent money on:

  • Walkie Talkies and Bullhorns for our Marshalls

  • Flags for May Day

  • A Citywide Labor Day School organized by the Labor Branch

  • Fundraising Agitprop Boxes with merchandise for Branches to sell at meetings

  • Simultaneous Translation Equipment for our branch and working group meetings

Please note, NYC-DSA Chapter Dues are entirely separate from National Dues, and does not confer national membership.  If you are interested in becoming a member of DSA, please join here. Monthly Chapter Dues are entirely voluntary, and we appreciate any amount that you can commit.  Please consider making a recurring donation if you can, or a one time donation.

Be sure to put in an email address you use regularly.  You can manage your donations through DonorBox.  Please note, dues and donations to DSA are not tax deductible.

DSA's privacy policy is available here.