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Picket the Profiteers!

  • Organizing Transit from NYC! 235 Hoosick Street Troy, NY, 12180 United States (map)

We will be organizing transportation from NYC leaving at 8 am! Pickets at the Hilton Inn at 12-1 pm and 3-4 pm. 

The inability to access healthcare is one of the most inhumane crises plaguing our country. People are suffering because private insurance corporations have created a system designed to line their pockets while denying, delaying, and blocking access to medically necessary care for most of us. This results in poorer health, bankruptcy, and unnecessary death and suffering. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. We are fighting for the NY Health Act, which would bring comprehensive, universal healthcare that is free of copays, deductibles or limited networks of medical providers to all New Yorkers. The NY Health Act would remove corporate profits from our healthcare system, saving patients billions while providing better care, but private insurance companies are fighting desperately to hold on to their lucrative business model. These companies know that their practices contribute to worse health outcomes in the U.S. Yet, they will lie and distort information to mislead the public about a single-payer system and to lobby elected officials against a policy that would improve our health. 

We are launching our Picket the Profiteers campaign to show the public who is making huge profits off their health. We are taking direct action against the New York Health Plan Association (NYHPA), a trade association for the private health insurance companies of New York. NYHPA is an active member of the misnamed "Realities of Single Payer" coalition, whose mission is to defeat the NY Health Act, heavily employing lies, distortions and scare tactics to preserve their profits, which would be largely dismantled if this bill passed. Several ringleaders of the "Realities" coalition as well as other single payer opponents are on the convention agenda including:

Eric Linzer, President of the New York Health Plan Association
Matt Eyles, CEO of America's Health Plans, the national lobby group for the insurance industry
Kipp Snider, a vice president of PhRMA, the lobby group for the pharmaceutical industry.
Heather Briccetti, President of the Business Council of New York, a pro-business, anti-single payer interest group

We will be using this "rogues gallery" of our opponents to bring public attention to the destructive role of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries in blocking access to affordable care and consistently using their political clout and mega-bucks to pressure politicians to block single-payer legislation.

Join us in Troy, NY on Nov. 15th as we stand up to the money and power of private insurance companies and demand a fair and dignified healthcare system!