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NBK Night School Session 7 — Gender & Capitalism

  • Mayday 176 St. Nicholas Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237 (map)

The Communist Manifesto contains a suggestion that under capitalism, “all that is solid melts into air.” In saying so, Marx was suggesting that capitalism radically altered social relations, transforming structures of family, community, and nation as it progressed across the globe.

Even so—and despite promises that free markets lead to more general freedoms— imbalances in gender relations have persisted under capitalism. This session attempts to understand why.

We will ask: What actually is the relationship of gender to capitalism? Is gender hierarchy in its current form a result of capitalism, or does it follow its own logic? Must sexism persist, or can there be an alternative?

Please come having done the readings.

Johanna Brenner and Maria Ramas, “Rethinking Women’s Oppression”:
Interview with Stephanie Coontz, “Capitalism and the Family”:
Friedrich Engels, "The Origin of Private Property, the Family, and the State":

Barbara Ehrenreich, “What is Socialist Feminism?”:
Nancy Fraser, “A Feminism Where Leaning In Means Leaning on Others”:
Juliet Mitchell, “Women: The Longest Revolution”
Martha Gimenez, “Capitalism and the Oppression of Women: Marx Revisited”
“Materialism and Feminism: An Interview with Johanna Brenner” (2017):

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