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NBK Night School Session 6 — Race & Class

  • Mayday 176 St. Nicholas Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237 (map)

Though capitalism is built on the exploitation of the working class, it does not affect everyone equally. In particular, people of color disproportionately endure a range of injustices, including poverty, mass incarceration, housing
segregation, and police violence.

From WEB Du Bois and A. Philip Randolph to Cesar Chavez and Angela Davis, people of color have also led the charge against capitalism’s ill-effects, developing theoretical writings, political programs, and social movements designed to challenge class-based oppression.

Please come having done the readings.

- Audrey Smedley and Brian Smedley, “The arrival of Africans and the Decent into Slavery”, Race in North America,: The Origin and Evolution of a World-View, (Boulder: Westview, 2012), Chapter 5, pp. 93-120.
- Reed, Unraveling the Relation of Race and Class in American Politics:
- Coates ( vs Johnson ( on reparations
- Movement for Black Lives Platform:

- Reed, T. Between Obama and Coates:
- Fields, Slavery, Race and Ideology in the United States of America:
- Birch and Heideman, The Trouble with Anti-anti-racism:
- Breunig, The Puzzle of Reparations in an Extremely Unequal Society: