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Winning a Just Transition for People and Planet

  • 6th St Community Center 638 East 6th Street New York, NY, 10009 United States (map)

The climate justice movement is at a crossroads.

Transformative climate proposals that would enact sweeping changes to the economy have now been introduced at the state, federal, and local level. These proposals seek to overcome the history of the mainstream environmental movement’s failure to listen to the needs of working class people and people of color. They do this by following a framework called "Just Transition." But the concept of a Just Transition for workers and our planet is not yet widely known or recognized. How do we ensure that the climate justice movement continues to grow into a mass movement? What is the best way for us to engage people and have real conversations about climate and environmental justice, which sometimes can feel so overwhelming and abstract?

Join us for a conversation around these topics and more.

This event is meant to move the conversation around climate justice among NYC-DSA and our allies as we develop our campaign to build mass support for Just Transition-inspired proposals at the state and federal level. With the end of one legislative session leading into elections this Fall, we can seize the opportunity to apply maximum pressure on the political establishment, corporate polluters, and the fossil fuel industry and build towards mass mobilization for the Peoples' Climate March, when world leaders meet for yet another climate summit in San Francisco this September.