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March to #AbolishICE

  • City Hall City Hall Park Path New York, NY, 10007 United States (map)

Our current immigration system is not only unjust and inhumane, it is also extremely PROFITABLE. 

GEO Group and CCA—the two companies responsible for the horrendous conditions of private prisons—now operate 62% of immigration detention centers in the United States and are funded by our taxpayer dollars. They spend millions of dollars annually lobbying for 1) detention center quotas that keep ICE terrorizing our immigrant communities 2) a cash bail system that allows them to subcontract surveillance mechanisms, often couched as humane ‘alternatives to detention’ that ‘keep families together,’ like expensive and harmful ankle monitoring services. 

While GEO Group and CCA monopolize our prison and now detention systems, immigration centers maintain hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts with other private companies: Comprehensive Health Services Inc., Dynamic Service Solutions, Dynamic Educational Services, Microsoft, etc. 

SO we are calling for:  

  • The complete abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and an end to mass incarceration
  • Amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants. 
  • An end to cash bail in our immigration detention centers and jails
  • The end of broken-windows policing that targets and locks up immigrants and other Black and brown New Yorkers
  • The free movement of all immigrants, regardless of citizenship status, criminal record, class, religion, or country of origin

The root causes of why people are forced to move—global capitalism and imperialism, covert and overt military operations, economic colonialism, free trade policies—are the same reasons people are forced to stay, behind bars. #AbolishICE and strip their profits. 

The Route: 

We will begin the march at 4PM at City Hall, walk past the Attorney General’s Office, and end at 26 Federal Plaza—the site of ICE’s Enforcement Removal Operations Office. We will march on the sidewalks and have a team of volunteer marshals to help keep marchers safe.

Please donate if you can- funds will be used to help pay for posters, banners, and direct action trainings:$nycdsaIJWG

If you would like to co-sponsor the march or have questions, please email