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Intro To Rosa Luxemburg: ( Women, Gn/C And N/B Only!)

  • CUNY Graduate Center, 365 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016, Urban Education lounge, Room 4202 2 (map)

**Women and gender non-confirming people only!**

This week in the Early Marxist Thinkers reading group we will read Rosa Luxemburg. Sign up here:

The readings are as follows:

Part 1 of Reform or Revolution - pg. 41-72

Excerpts of The Mass Strike: Part 3 and 5, Rosa Luxemburg

**View the complete syllabus here:**

The DSA has a mix of people — some seasoned Marxists, while some who are new to socialism. The Socialist Feminist Working Group wants to build socialist leaders among women (trans and cis), trans men and non-gender conforming people who feel confident to discuss and debate key Marxist ideas and their relevance to today. We think of Marxism as a method of thought (historical materialism) as a theory of capitalism, as well as a political practice to revolutionize all of society. In this reading group, we hope to address all of these facets of Marxism by studying Marx, as well as canonical writers who came after him including Engels, Luxemburg, Lenin, Trotsky and Kollontai.

**This course is ONLY open to women, trans and non-gender conforming individuals. We believe it is important to give political space to oppressed people who may feel intimidated in wider spaces of Marxist discussion.