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BERNIE NIGHT SCHOOL - Medicare for All

  • UAW 256 West 38th Street New York, NY, 10018 United States (map)

It is no accident that Medicare for All is the most popular proposal to come out of the Democratic party in decades. While millions are uninsured or under-insured, and many either remain in unsatisfying jobs to retain their coverage, or face bankruptcy and even homelessness because of enormous medical expenses, healthcare companies' profits continue to soar.

Bernie Sanders' has been a proponent of single-payer healthcare for decades and his 2016 presidential bid helped elevate an idea previously dismissed by party elites into national discussion. Join us as we talk about why socialists advocate for universal healthcare and why Sanders’ 2020 campaign and Medicare for All are central for DSA’s organizing.

What is Medicare for All and why should we support it and nothing less? 

M4A Congressional Caucus summary

Time For Unions To Step Up On Medicare For All by Mark Dudzic

Why a Public Option isn’t Enough by Benjamin Studdebaker & Nathan J. Robinson:

How did we come to develop the system we currently have with a byzantine private health insurance industry that keeps millions uninsured and millions more underinsured? 

“The Political Economy of US Healthcare: the Medical Industrial Complex” by Robert Chernomas and Ian Hudson (see .PDF)

If you are not able to read the full text by Chernomas and Hudson, read an abridged history here: A Brief History of American Health Care:

What is our strategy for organizing to win Medicare for All?

Dustin Guastella speech at m4a Strategy Conference:

National DSA M4A Organizing Guide (pages 7-15):


Physicians for a National Health Program FAQ about Single Payer:

Read the full text of the Medicare for All Act.:

Read PNHP’s news release, and the news release from lead sponsor Pramila Jayapal(D-Wash.).

List of co-sponsors of the Medicare for All Act in the current (116th) Congress.

List of organizations and governmental bodies endorsing single-payer reform.