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Bernie Night School: Public Education Reform

  • Jacob Riis Cornerstone 80 Avenue D New York, New York, 10009 United States (map)

Come join the Lower Manhattan Political Education Working Group to discuss Bernie's agenda for public education and why it's vitally important for socialists to organize around the needs of teachers and students.

From Bernie’s demand for Free College and elimination of student debt, supported by a whopping 60% of Americans, to the insurgent labor militancy among teachers demanding a halt to privatization, better working conditions and safer, healthier communities for their students, the politics of education is front and center today. In this session we’ll look at why socialists believe education is a vital public good, analyze the forces that have been trying to reorient education toward the market and learn how we can fight back. Along the way, we'll discuss socialist demands and programs, near- and long-term, for creating a free and just education available to all, and how to achieve them.

We'll be reading:
Sanders’ plan for K-12 education:

Sanders' plan for collages:

"Why the 'for all' in 'free college for all' matters":

Eric Blanc, "Oakland Teachers are Striking Against Billionaire Privatizers":

Lois Weiner, "It’s Chicago Educators Versus the Ruling Class"

Megan Erickson, "Red Diaper Babies":

John Bellamy Foster, “Education and the Structural Crisis of Capital”:

Henry Heller, excerpt from The Capitalist University:

Diane Ravitch, “Who Are the Corporate Reformers?”:

Email with any questions.

Hope to see you there!

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