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NBK Night School Session 10 — Unions and the Labor Movement

At the peak of the US Labor movement, one out of every three workers was organized. Over the past 40 years, capital has waged a devastating counterattack on labor, resulting in a decline in living standards for the many and the growth of corporate profits. This session sets out to understand what happened and where to go from here.

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Sharon Smith: “The 1930s: Turning Point for U.S. Labor”:
Charlie Post: The Forgotten Militants, Jacobin:
Intro to McAlevey, No Shortcuts.
Chris Maisano: Labor’s Choice After Janus:

Offe and Weisenthal, “Two Logics of Collective Action”:
Offe and Wiesenthal Summary: Why unions are needed and hard to build and why they tend to bureaucratize:
Gindin: Rethinking Unions, Registering Socialism:
Civil Rights Unionism:
Typographer’s Union:

Earlier Event: February 25
ABCs of Socialism Reading Series