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Central Brooklyn Reads "The ABC's of Capitalism" #1

  • Brooklyn Free School 372 Clinton Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11238 United States (map)

How does class structure society? How do exploitation and oppression relate to each other? What role do the state and politics play in securing the stability of capitalism? And what hope can socialists have to fight for and build an alternative economy?

These questions and more are answered in Jacobin and Catalyst Journal's newest joint pamphlet series: "The ABC's of Capitalism". We'll be organizing three sessions, each on one of the pamphlets in turn, to start building our understanding in Central Brooklyn DSA of some of the answers to these pressing questions.

All are welcome to attend, though we especially encourage members of Central Brooklyn DSA to come out.

The study group will meet in two week intervals starting on February 26th on the first floor of the Brooklyn Free School, 372 Clinton Ave. To get a free copy of the pamphlets please email Chris Maisano at

See you there!

February 26th: Pamphlet A — “Understanding Capitalism”
March 12th: Pamphlet B — “Capitalism and the State”
March 26th: Pamphlet C — “Capitalism and Class Struggle”

(The pamphlets build on each other but if you can't make one session you should still consider coming to the latter ones, the pamphlets can be read and discussed separately).

The space is mostly ADA accessible, but there is a step at the front entrance that sometimes does not have a moveable ramp available. Please contact the organizer if you have any concerns or need assistance.