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NBK Night School Session 18 — The Russian Revolution

  • Mayday Space 176 Saint Nicholas Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11237 United States (map)

The October Revolution of 1917 saw the rise of the world’s most powerful communist state, fundamentally transforming human history in the process. A hundred years later, the Soviet Union continues to cast a heavy shadow over discussions of socialism. For its defenders, the country presents an enduring model for future working class projects. For its most ardent critics, the USSR demonstrates that socialism always leads to authoritarianism, its collapse proving that capitalism is unavoidable. This week’s readings assess the russian revolution’s legacy and it’s continued relevance in the present. 

- Bhaskar Sunkara, “The Few Who Won”:
- Suzi Weissman, “The Russian Revolution, Soviets, and Socialist Democracy”:
- China Mieville, "Why Does the Russian Revolution Matter":

- History of Soviet Union, etc: Holmes, "A Brief History of Communism in Power":

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