In this policy platform, we present a set of key demands for New York City and State politics that we believe will help advance the democratic socialist project locally. Each plank is oriented specifically to reforms achievable in the near future and prior to a wholesale socialist transformation of our national and global economy. Our goals are to use this policy platform to:

  1. Make better decisions about Citywide campaign priorities and endorsement decisions informed by a vision of our organization, the world we want to build, and an analysis of our existing capacity.

  2. Help distinguish our allies from our opponents and further identify what socialist and non-socialist organizations to act in coalition with.

  3. Further develop our skills at putting our politics into practice.

  4. Give us a framework for holding our elected leadership -- both internally in our organization and externally, i.e., politicians -- accountable.

  5. Give us a framework to hold candidates for local and state office accountable to and build mass popular support behind.

  6. Provide a statement of our values as an organization as well as a practical path forward for socialism in our lifetime.

  7. Make clear our relevancy to the working class in New York and recruit new members to DSA.

This is not an exhaustive platform explaining our full vision. For one thing, it largely does not address national demands. As a chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), we in NYC-DSA are firmly committed to fighting for a total socialist transformation in the country, and the world, and we support the demands and platforms put forward by national DSA. Nor does this platform address demands on employers, landlords, or other actors in society. It is specifically a platform aimed at making demands on the state government in Albany and the local government in New York City. 

We believe that in struggles for these reforms—and in their successful enactment—our movements and working-class people more generally will build power and lay the groundwork for even greater advances. But at the same time we reaffirm our commitment to a much more radical project.

Our goal is not to reform the US capitalist economy, but to dismantle and move beyond it and—arm-in-arm with movements and working people across the world—to build a socialist world free of the domination of US imperialism. The realities of the climate crisis reinforce the critical and urgent need for societal transformation. We seek to build a truly democratic socialist society in the future, one that finally eliminates all racial, national, gender, and other oppressions. One where all people, regardless of sexuality, ability status, or line of work have the same rights. A world where our economy is managed democratically, its commanding heights are brought under social ownership and control, and we move towards a radical reduction of working time. Where human flourishing and ecological sustainability are harmonized, borders are opened up and eliminated, the prison system and police are abolished, and politics is truly democratized.

Our Planks

End The Carceral State

Housing is a Human Right

Education for All

Deepen and Strengthen our Democracy

Immigrant Justice



Worker Control Over the Economy

Gender and Sexuality Justice

Racial Justice

Disability Justice

Healthcare and Reproductive Justice

Tax the Rich