Working Groups


The Ecosocialist Working Group priority campaign for 2019 will be energy democracy. The campaign will focus on fighting Con Ed‘s attempt to raise energy rates for fossil fuel-generated power, which forces New Yorkers to be participants in their own destruction. At the same time, they will lay out a vision for the right to publicly owned renewable energy with allies statewide hoping to socialize energy. Particularly, the working group will be joining comrades in Boston, Providence, East Bay, and San Francisco DSA who are already working to decarbonize, decommodify, and democratize energy in their own contexts.

The group’s Mutual Aid/Disaster Relief Subcommittee met with someone who was involved in Occupy Sandy and a comrade who was involved in Camp Fire relief efforts. The group moved forward with their plans to coordinate and prepare for the next knowable disaster in New York.

The working group has also been helping allies at UPROSE flyer for the first community owned solar cooperative in New York State, which they helped develop. Flyers were posted in low-income areas of Sunset Park to promote UPROSE's orientation for prospective members.


The Brooklyn Electoral Working Group had a busy month managing Organizing Committee elections and moving projects forward through various committees:

  • The field committee started canvasses in North Brooklyn with the Housing Working Group.

  • The communications team has been training members to be spokespeople.

  • The fundraising & compliance committee has begun planning events for later in the year.

  • The research team is putting together dossiers on districts and candidates throughout Brooklyn.

  • The data committee has been building tools that make it easier to look at candidate donations, including continuing to improve the voter management tool ROSA.

Additionally, the working group plans to have tote bags for sale soon to raise money for The Thorn's Mailchimp fees. The group’s electoral reform project also continues to move forward, and the group is setting up in-district meetings with legislators.

The next Electoral meeting is February 7th, 7pm at Repair the World, 808 Nostrand Avenue. Anyone who’s interested in getting involved should reach out to


2019 is a critical year in the fight for single-payer healthcare. The number of politicians who've endorsed Medicare For All is growing, and all of the Democratic candidates who have announced their intention to run to president have ostensibly endorsed Medicare For All. But we know that this support is a mile wide and an inch deep. The only way to overcome the power of capital is through a mass movement. For that reason, the citywide Healthcare Working Group is excited to announce that, after the passage of a proposal in December to establish a NYC Medicare For All campaign linked to the national campaign, they will begin to work at the end of January.

At the January meeting, the working group approved a planning document for an escalating pressure campaign that targets a number of key local politicians who must be held to single-payer, at both the state and national level. The working group will be canvassing, phone-banking, writing op-eds, hosting town halls, and bird-dogging elected officials, and they encourage anyone and everyone who wants universal healthcare to reach out and get involved in the campaign by reaching the group at

Immigrant Justice

For the new year, the Immigrant Justice working group elected a new organizing committee - congratulations to Alberto Aguirre, Nikku Chatha, Pam Galpern, Nancy Kricorian, and Dustin Reyes!

The working group is continuing its ICE Out of the Courts campaign. They are currently focusing on the Protect our Courts Legislation that will be introduced to the NY State legislature, in addition to pursuing community engagement and know your rights events.

The working group is continuing to support the Central American Exodus, in partnership with DSA's national immigrant rights working group and with local groups in NYC. They have recently partnered with the International Socialist Organization, Bay Ridge for Social Justice, and local immigrant rights groups to put together events that include report-backs on border support work, and information on local immigrant rights' campaigns.

The working group endorsed Power Not Panic, a queer latinx dance party that raised money for the New Sanctuary Coalition.

At the January monthly meeting, the working group heard report-backs from people who had recently returned from the border, and discussed ways to bring those type of report-backs to a broader audience.

The next general meeting is Mon, Feb 11, 6:30-8:30pm at the CUNY Grad Center, 365 Fifth Ave, Room 5409. If you're interested in getting involved in one of the campaigns listed above, email

Tech Action

Tech Action will be rolling out a subcommittee to engage directly with anti-Amazon HQ2 efforts. They have already been actively resisting Amazon, taking part in organizing a rally in Long Island City, and another on the steps of City Hall, as well as marshaling labor power against the deal in the form of a pledge for tech workers to sign stating they will not work for Amazon if they build in Queens. This subcommittee will help coordinate and propel these ongoing efforts, while developing new strategies for further work.

Tech Action co-hosted a panel on tech worker organizing at Verso Books, alongside Logic magazine, Science for the People,, and Tech Workers Coalition. The panel featured organizers of the Google walkout, Google cafeteria workers and organizers, and Joan Greenbaum, an early computer engineer organizer.

On January 30th, Tech Action will return to City Hall alongside coalition partners to rally and disrupt the second City Council hearing on the Amazon HQ2 deal. Contact if you are interested in participating in any working group meetings, campaigns, or events.