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By Rebecca C

May Day, Bae

May started off strong with the May Day rally for immigrant justice, fighting for international working class solidarity and workers without borders:

Here’s some video of the march from Columbus Circle up to Trump Tower

Sing in Solidarity posted this classic woodcut and some new lyrics to a 100+ year old song (our history runs deep!):

Elsewhere in the world, the French Gilets Jaunes were met with violent opposition from riot police as their demands continue to be sidestepped by Macron’s government:


On May 21, abortion rights protestors held over 500 rallies across the country to protest the draconian bills passed in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, and other statehouses to roll back abortion rights protections put in place by Roe in 1973 and effectively force women to remain pregnant against their will with no exceptions.

There was a large #StoptheBans rally held on the steps of the Supreme Court sponsored by NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU. Many Democratic politicians and 2020 primary candidates joined in:

This is an effective gif to convey a picture of how anti-abortion extremism is spreading across the country:

National DSA tweeted a link to the National Network of Abortion Funds - and a reminder that abortion is still legal in all 50 states and you can donate to help fund reproductive justice today!

Planned Parenthood tweeted this article by Jessica Valenti on Medium.com, detailing some of the absurd, infuriating, and idiotic notions male lawmakers have expressed regarding female biology:

Uber/Lyft Strike

On the morning of May 8, Uber and Lyft drivers held an international strike to protest their working conditions and pay. The strike was timed to come just before Uber’s planned filing to go public with an IPO, widely believed to be valued at around $120 million. The discrepancy between the windfall to the “disruptors” who lead these Silicon Valley companies and the drivers who can’t make ends meet could not be more stark:

AOC tweeted her support of the drivers:

As did Rob Delaney, everyone’s favorite socialist comedian and actor on Twitter (seriously, follow @robdelaney):

Bernie 2020 news

Once again, practicing what we preach - congrats Bernie 2020 campaign on unionizing!

And here’s a good campaign video from Wisconsin (with a pretty sweet “Hindsight is 2020 t-shirt - can I get one of those?):

Housing is a Human Right!

On March 14 busloads of organizers carrying petitions to push state lawmakers to pass all 9 proposed bills to protect New York tenants descended on Albany under rainy skies:

And now they’re going after Rashida Tlaib

After Tlaib made a comment on a Yahoo News podcast using the words “calming” and “Holocaust” in the same thought (click through to hear the actual context if you must; suffice to say she did not find the comfort in the fact that there was a Holocaust), right wingers immediately twisted her words and tried to make it a thing. The accusations of anti-semitism on the left become more deranged by the day:

Pushback from Democratic leadership was nominal, more in the category of “let’s hope this goes away soon” than actually reading the right for their own deep founded anti semitism and racism. Groups like Justice Democrats step up to fill the void:

Odds and Ends