Bronx/Upper Manhattan

This month, Bronx/Upper Manhattan branch members continued canvassing for the Save Allen Psych campaign in Inwood and working on the Universal Rent Control campaign, which scored a huge victory with the new rent laws. The branch canvassed, phone-banked, and made buttons for Tiffany Cabán, and registered voters in Harlem with the NYC-DSA Bernie Sanders campaign. Members also helped with the Socialist Feminist Swap Meet in Harlem and the Red Sprouts Family Picnic in Central Park. Their newest branch working group, the B/UM Ecosocialist Working Group, held its first meeting. B/UM also held another successful new member orientation on the 15th, followed by a happy hour. And at their branch meeting on June 22, there was a panel discussion on canvassing, where people who've worked on various campaigns talked to the branch about their canvassing experiences and gave tips on best practices.

Lower Manhattan

The Lower Manhattan branch has had a very busy month and doesn’t intend to slow down the pace in the coming weeks. Their local housing group has been very busy between its twin roles as part of the coalition that won greatly improved rent regulations for NY State residents and the coalition opposing the construction of the Two Bridges development. The LoMan healthcare committee recently hosted a canvass in Stuytown asking the residents to contact their representatives about supporting nothing less than real Single Payer. The branch also turned out huge support for the Cabán campaign, hosting multiple canvasses and regular phonebanks. The branch is also reading the Socialist Manifesto throughout July--reach out to the OC for a pdf. 


City College YDSA and NYU YDSA have 14 elected delegates and alternates for the YDSA National Convention in Atlanta, to be held July 30th to August 1st. They also have 4 dual delegates attending the DSA National Convention. Currently the branch is fundraising to cover the costs of traveling, housing, and registration for the conventions. Please donate here if you’re able:

Central Brooklyn

Central Brooklyn branch members actively participated in the statewide Universal Rent Control campaign, which saw a huge victory last week when a majority of said platform was passed and signed into law. Now vacancy decontrol and the vacancy bonus will be illegal, MCI and IAI rent increases are significantly reduced, and cities across the state can opt in to rent stabilization (among other things). Plus the new laws are permanent! This is a huge victory for the tenant movement and CBK is thrilled that DSA played a role in it.

The branch has also been continuing political education efforts by reading and discussing “The ABCs of Capitalism,” a joint pamphlet from Jacobin and Catalyst. The pamphlet touches on questions like: How does class structure society? What hope can socialists have to fight for and build an alternative economy? And what is the relationship between capitalism and racial and gender oppression? Upcoming discussions will take place on June 25, July 9, and July 23 from 7-9pm at the Brooklyn Free School (372 Clinton Avenue).

South Brooklyn

South Brooklyn DSA For Bernie ran voter registration drives at Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park, at the Puerto Rico Day Parade in Sunset Park, the 5th Avenue Street Fair in Bay Ridge, and in Coney Island. 

SBK-DSA is electing new officers as June ends. Their June meeting focused on hearing candidate statements with ballots released electronically afterwards. SBK has two events planned for July, both at the Carroll Gardens Library, 396 Clinton St, Brooklyn, NY 11231: A New Member Orientation on Saturday July 6th, from 2-4 PM, and an ABC’s of Socialism Reading Group, on Saturday July 13th, from 2-4 PM.

Staten Island

The Staten Island branch ran its first Medicare for All canvass in the first week of June—quite possibly the first explicitly socialist door-knocking event ever done in the borough! The branch reports some very good responses and is prepared and pumped for the next canvass on Saturday, June 29th.

This month’s branch meeting will be at CWA Local 1102 in Great Kills from 7-9 PM. The focus will be on political education, covering the first 3 chapters of “The Meaning of Marxism” by Paul D’Amato, the rest of which will be covered in future political education reading groups.