Bronx/Upper Manhattan

This month, B/UM branch members organized a rally and press conference at the Allen Hospital in Inwood to help save the hospital's psychiatric unit, a crucial community health resource.

The B/UM Political Education Working Group held a Democracy Forum, featuring a panel discussion and breakout groups exploring the limits of and alternatives to liberal-capitalist conceptions of democracy.

The branch partnered with Maggie's Magic Garden and Nelson Mandela Garden to host a social to promote the preservation of community gardens in Upper Manhattan.

Branch members spoke at town halls in Manhattan and the Bronx as part of the Racial Justice Working Group's campaign against long school suspensions.

Last but not least, the branch elected Sam Westley as its new Steering Committee representative, and is currently in the process of electing its next Organizing Committee and Citywide Leadership Committee representatives.


Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Pramila Jaypal, and Rep. Ilhan Omar have unveiled a plan to completely eliminate the student loan debt of every American. The Student Debt Cancellation Act has no eligibility limitations and will be paid for by a tax on Wall Street. This bill presents us with a historic opportunity to cohere a national movement that can go beyond student debt cancellation and College for All. Help YDSA cancel student debt by using this link to urge your representative to support the bill:

Also, tweet or email a photo of you and a sentence about what you would do if you were debt free to @YDSAC4A or

Lower Manhattan

The LoMan branch recently elected a new Organizing Committee.

The Electoral Working Group has held four voter registration events since starting Bernie 2020 work, and has registered 81 people so far. The working group aims hold an event almost every week. Members have been assisting with the Cabán recount and are also beginning to build a research team.

The Housing Working Group participated in a citywide retreat which recapped the Universal Rent Control campaign and began to lay the foundations for next steps. They have also continued to do outreach to support the fight against the Two Bridges towers with the Coalition to Protect Chinatown and the Lower East Side.

The Political Education Committee has been reading and discussing The Socialist Manifesto, among other readings, with weekly meetings every Monday. The Healthcare Committee has been building strategy and partnerships with other groups to get New York City elected officials signed on to Medicare for All legislation.


Queens branch members sprang into action after Tiffany Cabán’s primary election on June 25, called in to volunteer at the Board of Elections warehouse and headquarters in Queens to help with the recount. With help from DSA members around the city and other Cabán volunteers, they watched DOE staffers compare the two electronic records from the vote scanners, scanned copies of the paper ballots and called people who had voted by affidavit and absentee ballot, and watched the manual recount of the ballots and performed various administrative tasks. 

Queens members in the Ecosocialist WG turned out observers and speakers for a town hall on Con Ed’s request for a rate hike, despite its repeated failures.

Many members also rallied and marched against ICE’s raids on July 14 in Jackson Heights and afterwards participated in a Know Your Rights canvass organized by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The branch’s Political Education Group has been discussing Marx Was Right with the International Marxist Tendency.

North Brooklyn

NBK held elections for Organizing Committee, Steering Committee Rep, and CLC delegates, establishing new leadership branch-wide. The Organizing Committee is now Rahel Biru, Siobhan Ebert (Co-Chairs), Niall Reddy (Secretary), Abby Sosna (Treasurer), Jordan Leon-Atkins (Working Group Coordinator), Maia Rosenberg (Outreach Coordinator), Isabel Anreus (Spanish-language Outreach Coordinator), and Osman Chaudhary (Membership Coordinator). The Steering Committee Rep is Justin Charles. NBK’s new CLC delegates are Jeremey Cohan, Emmy Hammond, Andrea Guinn, and Brenden O’Connor. 

The first year of NBK Night School is wrapping up this year and was a huge success. The last meeting is on July 29th when they’ll be having their Graduation Party; come even if you’ve only been to one session or just want to learn more about it. It'll be a potluck of some kind: bring beer, wine, food etc.

The NBK New Membership Committee, Rosebuds, held a social at Lady Jay’s in Williamsburg, which brought out emerging members from Long Island and Manhattan. Rosebuds will also have a planning meeting on August 8th, reach out to for more info.

The branch continues to strategize and develop a Neighborhood Council program which will further connect comrades with ongoing work and organizing being done in North Brooklyn neighborhoods. 

Central Brooklyn

The new CBK OC is hoping to build out the organizing capacity of the branch to more effectively mobilize members and build socialism. Those interested in getting involved with this effort should contact

This past month, the branch hosted a social event for new members at Cherry Tree.

CBK also continued its ongoing political education series on the ABCs of Capitalism, supported mobilizations against ICE actions in NYC, and elected a new steering committee representative (Devin McManus) and CLC representatives (Alice B, Jason Farbman, Abi Hassen, Michael Kinnucan, Fainan Lakha, and Jennifer Lenow).