Lower Manhattan

It’s been a busy month for the LoMan Branch. Their Housing Working Group launched an all-hands-on-deck campaign to collect signatures to stop the Two Bridges luxury towers. Last weekend was their first day of action and they collected over 150 signatures. Neighbors are really plugged in to what’s going on, and LoMan encourages anyone interested in getting more involved with this important campaign. 

The LoMan Electoral Working Group has been busy laying some foundations for considering endorsements in the upcoming election cycle. Putting together research and reading through candidate surveys has taken up some time—but not detracted—from the branch’s robust Bernie canvasses. Seeing a lot of new and old members engage and re-engage with Bernie has been really encouraging. The branch will be hosting a new/old member picnic to re-connect with everyone after the summer, and get to know the new OC better.


The Labor Branch spent the month focused on the Labor for Bernie campaign. The Labor monthly meeting was spent discussing strategy to move unions and their members toward the Bernie camp. Members also canvassed union members to support Bernie including at the Labor Day Parade. Along with Labor For Bernie work, the branch spent some time working out a strategy to fight to amend the Taylor Law to give New York State public sector workers the right to strike. The branch is still working out the details of what this campaign could look like. Finally, they took a field trip to Pennsylvania to support UAW members striking GM. More strike solidarity activities are in the works. 

DSA teacher's at the DOE, members of the United Federation of Teachers, helped in efforts led by the union's MORE caucus to circulate a petition opposing opening school on December 23rd. This bizarre scheduling decision by the DOE would have dramatically shortened winter break for students and teachers. After getting 20,000 signatures, the DOE backed down and canceled that day. MORE is an opposition caucus that fights for more militant and democratic unions.

North Brooklyn

Senator Julia Salazar hosted a Democratic presidential debate watch party with a debrief on the recent legislative session at the Well. At the same time as the debate watch party, the BK Electoral Working Group hosted a forum in Brooklyn Heights, the third such forum for candidates in the 2020 State Assembly and Senate races seeking NYC-DSA’s endorsement. Decisions, decisions!

NBK’s Rose Buds, the branch’s new member outreach and engagement committee, hosted a New Member Orientation at Mayday Space Wednesday the 18th. The branch also kicked off its second year of Night School at Mayday with “What is Democratic Socialism?” Night School meets every other Monday.

Starting October 14, on the Mondays when the branch doesn’t have Night School at Mayday, the Socialist Feminist Working Group is hosting a four-session Intro to Socialist Feminism Reading Group. 

South Brooklyn

It has been an active late Summer/early Fall for South Brooklyn DSA. In August, South Brooklyn DSA voted to get involved with the campaign to stop the rezoning of Industry City and protect Sunset Park against gentrification. The branch is also currently considering the role it could play in two local State Assembly and Senate races, which were voted on at the branch meeting on Tuesday, September 24. Additionally, the branch regularly campaigns for Bernie in Sunset Park.

Staten Island

The SI branch is excited to announce that it has a (mostly) new Organizing Committee! To help support this new energy, two of the OC members participated in their first Mobilizer Training offered by comrades at North NJ DSA. They learned a lot and appreciated the opportunity to meet in a regional capacity. The branch is hoping to do more of that! SI is currently working on a few things: member outreach, social media, graphic design, political education, and ecosocialism. To get to know members a little better, the branch created a survey that it will be sending out soon.