NYC-DSA Condemns Anti-Semitic Attacks and Stands in Solidarity with the Jewish People

NYC-DSA condemns the recent spate of anti-Semitic attacks and stands in solidarity with the Jewish people. In recent days, we have witnessed in horror the mass murder at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, the vandalization of Union Temple in Prospect Heights, arson at synagogues and Jewish schools in Williamsburg, among other incidents. Open, violent anti-Semitism should be a thing of the past, but President Donald Trump has emboldened the most racist and reactionary elements in this country to crawl out from their hiding places. Anti-Semitism has long been a core component of far-right politics, which attacks Jewish people as a “foreign” element contaminating the nation with “cosmopolitan” influences. Because of this, anti-Semitism goes hand-in-hand with racism against other supposed threats to national purity, namely immigrants and African-Americans. It is no coincidence that these anti-Semitic attacks occurred at the same time as the racist murder of two black people at a Kentucky supermarket and the hysteria over the migrant caravan in Central America.

We dedicate ourselves to building a mass anti-fascist, anti-racist movement that defends the rights and freedoms of all who live in our city and our country. Together with everyone committed to democratic values, we will defeat these hateful elements and build a new society founded on the solidarity and friendship of all people.

November 14, 2018