Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the elected leadership of the NYC-DSA city chapter. The co-chairs, treasurer, secretary, working group coordinator, and membership coordinator are elected at the annual city convention. The branch representatives are elected by their respective branches.

To contact the NYC-DSA Steering Committee, email info [a]

Chi Anunwa, Co-chair

Chi Anunwa is one of the founders and lead organizers of NYC-DSA's campaign for single payer healthcare. She joined DSA in early 2017 and has also served on the organizing committees of the South Brooklyn branch and the Socialist Feminist working group. Originally from New Jersey, she is a first generation Nigerian-American who loves to make a good to-do list.

Bianca Cunningham, Co-chair

Bianca is the cofounder of the AfroSocialists and Socialists of Color Caucus. She led her coworkers to join Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 1109 in 2014, becoming the first ever Verizon Wireless retail workers to unionize. Verizon fired her for organizing, and during the recent Verizon strike, picketers across the country chanted “Bring Back Bianca!” She now works as a staff organizer for CWA while her case is being fought in court. She has won every decision, and the company recently appealed to the DC circuit court.

Zyad Hammad, Treasurer

Zyad is a proud first generation Arab Latino American, and rank and file union member. His experiences in the workplace as well as in explicitly anti-capitalist spaces have informed his desire to strike down profit as the litmus test for our society’s progress. He can often be found making too many to-do lists, sleeping in on the weekend, and using spreadsheets to organize his thoughts.

You can reach him at treasurer [a]

Annalisa Wilde, Secretary

Annalisa is a Central Brooklyn member who found hope through knocking doors for Bernie and hasn't stopped since. While Annalisa most enjoys talking to voters on the doors about how we're going to take down landlords, when she is not doing that they are writing agendas, newsletters, recruiting for admin work, or streamlining inputs for things like the calendar and social media team.

You can contact Annalisa at info [a]

Cea Weaver, Working Group Coordinator

Cea Weaver is an organizer and campaign strategist in NYC. She recently coordinated statewide campaign for universal rent control in New York. As Working Group Coordinator, Cea supports NYC-DSA's working groups in developing campaign strategies, executing tactics, and building coalitions to advance our vision for socialism. Cea hates landlords and loves building tenant power. You can reach her at cea.weaver [a]

Joe DeManuelle-Hall, Membership Coordinator

Joe is a labor educator in Brooklyn. He joined DSA in 2016, and helped found the New York City chapter’s South Brooklyn branch. Joe has also been involved in training at the local and national levels of DSA, working with members to build skills around organizing and strategy.

Sam W, Bronx/Upper Manhattan Branch Representative

Sam W is a musician and teacher based in the Kingsbridge neighborhood of the Bronx. He previously served as Membership Coordinator for the Bronx / Upper Manhattan branch and is active in the Housing Working group.

You can contact Sam at bronx.uptown [a]

Devin McManus, Central Brooklyn Branch Representative

You can contact Devin at central.brooklyn [a]

Stephen Thompson, Labor Branch Representative 

Stephen is a proud union member and labor activist. He has been involved with the Labor Branch since 2016, helping to support DSA's labor strategy to build strong, democratic unions.

You can contact Stephen at labor [a]

Daniel Cheng, Lower Manhattan Branch Representative

Daniel is a Taiwanese-American first-generation immigrant and graduate student in Sociology at NYU. After spending too much time with theory, he joined DSA to get involved in the praxis needed to build socialism. In addition to his work on the Steering Committee, Daniel is involved in electoral organizing and political education in the Lower Manhattan branch.

You can contact Daniel at lower.manhattan [a]

Justin Charles, North Brooklyn Branch Representative

You can contact Justin at north.brooklyn [a]

Evan G, South Brooklyn Branch Representative

You can contact Evan at south.brooklyn [a]

Tom Brick, Staten Island Branch Representative

Tom is a physics graduate student and lecturer from Staten Island, studying and working at CUNY in Manhattan. He helped start the SI branch and is also currently on the administrative committee of NYC-DSA's marshal team, the Red Rabbits. He likes unions so much he belongs to two of them: Professional Staff Congress (PSC-CUNY) and Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

You can contact Tom at staten.island [a]

Frank Llewellyn, Queens Branch Representative

You can contact Frank at queens [a]

Labiba Chowdhury, YDSA Representative

Labiba is a first generation Bangladeshi American studying applied math, computer science, and community change at City College. She is also a data scientist at a nonprofit and builds tools and fields data requests for housing justice organizers. As a member of the organizing committees for City College YDSA and NYC YDSA, she is excited to help create sustainable channels of communication between DSA branches and YDSA chapters and to build working class power through the YDSA priority campaigns: Bernie 2020, College for All, Green New Deal and Rank and File Strategy.

Are you a student? Join YDSA and organize with us! You can contact Labiba at ydsa [a]