Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the elected leadership of the NYC-DSA city chapter. The co-chairs, treasurer, secretary, working group coordinator, and membership coordinator are elected at the annual city convention. The branch representatives are elected by their respective branches.

To contact the NYC-DSA Steering Committee, email info [a]

Abdullah Younus, Co-chair

Abdullah is from Bay Ridge and is a strategic researcher for United Automobile Workers (UAW). He is active in the Electoral Working Group and was the Field Director of the El-Yateem campaign. He is also on the National Electoral Committee (NEC), where he Co-chairs the Trainings Subcommittee. The NEC trains DSA chapters all over the country that are interested in electoral work. He is also on the Executive Board of Yalla Brooklyn, a South Brooklyn based political club that serves the Arab/Muslim community.

You can reach him at AbdullahMYounus [a]

Bianca Cunningham, Co-chair

Bianca is the cofounder of the AfroSocialists and Socialists of Color Caucus. She led her coworkers to join Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 1109 in 2014, becoming the first ever Verizon Wireless retail workers to unionize. Verizon fired her for organizing, and during the recent Verizon strike, picketers across the country chanted “Bring Back Bianca!” She now works as a staff organizer for CWA while her case is being fought in court. She has won every decision, and the company recently appealed to the DC circuit court.

Tiffany Gong, Treasurer

Since joining DSA in early 2017, Tiffany has helped raise over $18,000 for NYC-DSA, and is also active in the Socialist Feminist Working Group. Outside of DSA, she works in fashion, and is responsible for wholesale and retail sales at a fine jewelry company. She is a native New Yorker, and also has spent nearly a decade as a professional DJ and party promoter.

You can reach her at treasurer [a]

Joe DeManuelle-Hall, Secretary

Joe is a union organizer in Brooklyn. He joined DSA in 2016, and helped found the New York City chapter’s South Brooklyn branch. Joe has also been involved in training at the local and national levels of DSA, working with members to build skills around organizing and strategy.

You can contact Joe at info [a]

Cea Weaver, Working Group Coordinator

Cea is an organizer and campaign researcher in Brooklyn. She joined DSA in 2016 and is on the organizing committee of the housing working group. Cea helped lead our campaign against the sale of the Bedford Union Armory for luxury condos, and launch our campaign for universal rent control. 

You can reach her at cea.weaver [a]    

Leslie Fine, Membership Coordinator

Leslie is a union organizer at CWA Local 1180 where she helps nonprofit and city workers build union power. She has organized as a retail worker and as a union organizer in a range of campaigns directed at low-wage temporary work, including fast food and grad workers. She has also been a field director of grassroots electoral campaigns and done nonprofit fundraising and movement coalition building.

Avi Garelick, Bronx/Upper Manhattan Branch Representative

Avi is on the Organizing Committee for the Bronx/Upper Manhattan Branch. He helped found the B/UM housing working group.

You can contact Avi at bronx.uptown [a]

Danya Lagos, Central Brooklyn Branch Representative

Danya is on the Organizing Committee for the Central Brooklyn Branch.

You can contact Danya at central.brooklyn [a]

Zelig Stern, Labor Branch Representative

Zelig lives in Brooklyn. He is a member of a Telecommunications union. He has experience both as a professional labor organizer and organizing unions from the shop floor. He was a founding member of the Local’s Labor Branch and has been involved in it’s labor work since then. 

You can contact Zelig at labor [a]

Matt Bond, Lower Manhattan Branch Representative

Matt is on the Organizing Committee for the Lower Manhattan Branch. He has experience both as a tenants’ rights organizer and as an organizer or director on numerous electoral campaigns. Since joining DSA in early 2017, Matt has been active within the citywide priority campaigns (housing, healthcare) and the Electoral Working Group and Racial Justice Working Group.

You can contact Matt at lower.manhattan [a]

Michael Grochowski, North Brooklyn Branch Representative

Michael is on the Organizing Committee for the North Brooklyn Branch.

You can contact Michael at north.brooklyn [a]

Kelly Gilbert, South Brooklyn Branch Representative

Kelly is on the Organizing Committee for the South Brooklyn Branch. The Branch, which formed in 2017, has been working on campaigns revolving around our city-wide priorities, as well as more local struggles. She is excited to be a member of DSA, especially during this political moment! 

You can contact Kelly at south.brooklyn [a]

Andrea Guinn, Queens Branch Representative

Andrea is on the Organizing Committee for the Queens Branch.

You can contact Andrea at queens [a]

Alex Pellitteri, YDSA Representative

Alex is passionate about young people having a voice in politics which led him to be a co-founder of the NYC chapter of YDSA. He has also worked on numerous electoral campaigns including for DSA endorsed candidate Rev. Khader El-Yateem. A lifelong resident of South Brooklyn, Alex is one of the youngest people to be appointed to  Community Board 10 and is involved in many other local political efforts. In the fall of 2018, Alex will begin studying political science at Hunter College. 

You can contact Alex at info [a]