Working Groups

In addition to our geographically-based branches, NYC-DSA has a handful of campaign working groups that are coordinating NYC-DSA's work on specific issues. All members are encouraged to join a working group.


The Anti-War Working Group is dedicated to countering US imperialism and resisting US regime-change operations and interventions in foreign wars and conflicts. Our goal is to disrupt the US war machine in New York City by building grassroots power and working with other anti-war groups. Our struggle will advance the fight for a truly international socialism, in which all people, regardless of nationality, are liberated from want, fear, violence, and coercion.

To get involved, email antiwar [a]

Debt & Finance

The Debt & Finance Working Group organizes with people in debt to build power against the financial institutions and government entities that profit from our indebtedness. Today many people are under-employed, unemployed, or paid so little that they are forced to take out loans to access basic needs. Indeed, the rising power of finance is one of the defining characteristics of neoliberalism. The ability of creditors to extract from us is both coercive and alienating, and reinforces a system that is unambiguously dependent upon white supremacy, sexism, and the degradation of workers. The Debt & Finance Working Group sees debtor organizing as a key to building bonds of solidarity across New York City, and an organizing effort that is critical to the broader struggle for democratic socialism.

To get involved, email debtors [a]


The Ecosocialist Working Group is concerned with building an environmentalism for the working class. We work with coalitions fighting for legislation that seek to push the boundaries of traditional environmentalism and climate politics beyond the narrow focus on the environment as a separate sphere from human social life. We are currently working with a coalition of labor unions, community groups, and grassroots climate activists called NY Renews to ensure that New York state passes the most progressive climate legislation in the country in 2017. We are also engaged in a number of research and writing projects on local and statewide policy and organizing that will help guide our future work.

To get involved, email climate [a]


The Electoral Working Groups are focused on recruiting and supporting socialist candidates for local office. It also is developing educational resources that explain how local and state government work, so that socialists can be better equipped to participate in elections, and building a field program so DSA can effectively support our endorsed candidates. The Electoral Working Groups meet in boroughs. 

To get involved, email b-um.electoral [a] to join the Bronx/Uptown group, bk.electoral [a] to join the Brooklyn group, or queens.electoral [a] to join the Queens group.


The Healthcare Working Group is organizing for a universal single-payer system that prioritizes the health of working-class Americans over the profits of insurance companies and their billionaire executives. We aim to take on these moneyed interests by reaching out to people not already politically engaged in order to build a mass movement capable of replacing our inhumane for-profit system with a system that works for all of us. We believe that a single payer health care system is an essential step to achieving healthcare justice in our country.

To get involved, email healthcare [a]


The Housing Working Groups are fighting to make housing a human right in New York City. The group is fighting to bring down the cost of housing and strengthening tenant rights by expanding rent protections and building more public and truly affordable housing. In Brooklyn, members of the the Housing Working Group are working in a coalition with the Crown Heights Tenant Union and other community groups to stop the redevelopment of the Bedford Union Armory into luxury housing, and instead develop it as 100% affordable housing controlled by the community. Campaigns are being developed in Queens and the Bronx/Uptown as well. 

To get involved, email:

  • b-um.housing [a] to contact the Bronx/Uptown group

  • bk.housing [a] to contact the Brooklyn group

  • lowman.housing [a] to contact the Lower Manhattan group

  • queens.housing [a] to contact the Queens group

Immigrant Justice

The Immigrant Justice Working Group is currently collaborating with local immigrant justice organizations to strengthen the local Sanctuary Movement, to fight for workers’ rights, and to combat Broken Windows policing practices that contribute to the criminalization of immigrants. As socialists, we believe all people deserve a dignified existence, no matter their citizenship status. Therefore, we reject the scapegoating of immigrant communities and the criminalization of undocumented residents. We affirm the rights of immigrants to remain and thrive in the location of their choosing and we will fight against anti-immigrant sentiments that have terrorized immigrant communities. 

To get involved, email immigrant.justice [a]

Labor and Strike Solidarity

The Labor and Strike Solidarity Working Group is organizing NYC-DSA members to support strikes, contract campaigns, and other labor actions in the region. 

To get involved, email strike.solidarity [a]


The Media Working Group creates media for NYC-DSA’s branches and working groups.

To get involved, email media [a]

Racial Justice

The Racial Justice Working Group is currently working to (1) reform suspension and disciplinary policy in NYC public schools with Organizing for Equity, NY (OFENY), (2) replace NYC's Civilian Complain Review Board with an elected, empowered alternative as a part of the Campaign for an Elected Civilian Review Board, (3) provide low-cost, consumer-driven financial services through the Postal Service with the American Postal Workers Union, and (4) deepen our understanding of the history, theory, and practice of racecraft through an anti-racist framework in our Anti-Racism Reading Group.

To get involved, email racial.justice [a]

Religious Socialism

The Religious Socialism Working Group conducts educational work both among socialists of faith to explore religious roots of socialism and among our natural allies in progressive faith communities to "connect the dots" between social, economic, and racial justice and socialism. We also work in coalition with faith-based social justice groups.

To get involved, email religious.socialism [a]

Socialist Feminist

The Socialist Feminist Working Group seeks to fight the oppression of cis women, trans people, and gender nonconforming people on a local and national level by focusing on economic and social issues.  The working group fights for economic policies that equitably redistribute wealth and resources, and for overturning traditional gender roles. Our main campaign right now is fighting to pass the New York Health Act, a bill that would provide single-payer healthcare throughout New York state. 

To get involved, email socialist.feminism [a]

Tech Action

The Tech Action Working Group is developing a socialist perspective on the use of technology and strategies for resisting the tech industry’s hegemony in politics, economics, and culture in NYC. We believe that if properly harnessed, technological innovation could help establish a truly democratic and cooperative society on a global scale. However most new technologies are made available to us, and controlled by, large corporations hiding behind a sheen of innovation and altruism that obscures their worst capitalistic impulses. As it stands, the joys, freedoms, and socialist potential of technology are tightly bound by the chains of capitalism, tied to the inhumane logic of profit and competition. Our aim is to increase awareness and understanding — both within DSA and in the broader public — about these issues; to build political power to confront abuse and corporate overreach where it is already occurring; and to create publicly owned and operated alternatives. 

To get involved, email tech.action [a]